Las Vegas Republican Office Vandalized

LAS VEGAS – Last night, criminals broke into the Clark Republican Party’s office in Las Vegas. They shattered a window, unlawfully entered the premises, and vandalized the office. Considering nothing of significant value was taken, it appears an unhinged opponent of the Republican Party was behind the crime.

“While we respect the ongoing investigation, we can’t help but lean toward believing the hatred behind the divisive impeachment inquiry has driven leftist activists to committing an act of violence against a Republican office in Las Vegas,” said Nevada Republican Party Chairman Michael J. McDonald. “Since Speaker Pelosi bowed to her caucus and launched the inquiry, the Left has been completely unhinged. We hope the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department apprehends whomever is responsible as soon as possible before they commit any other acts of violence against Republicans in Southern Nevada.”

This isn’t the first act of vandalism on the Republican office on Alta in Las Vegas. Last month, a disturbing insult directed at President Donald J. Trump was carved onto the same door that was smashed this weekend.

Earlier this week, the Nevada Republican Party released a shirt fighting back against Speaker Pelosi’s impeachment inquiry. Interested supporters can get their shirt at this link, and their donation will be evenly split between the Nevada GOP and President Trump’s campaign.

“Republicans shouldn’t stoop to the Left’s level,” said McDonald. “Instead, we urge them to pick up an ‘Impeach THIS’ shirt and help us raise the resources needed to defeat Democrats up and down the ballot next November. A message sent with a vote is louder than one sent through the violence we’ve seen against Republicans here in Nevada.”