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Ross Miller, the county commissioner who stole an election (“won” by 10 with 139 unexplained vote “irregularities”), also took $10,000 from Harry Reid’s personal slush fund PAC late in 2020. Harry Reid also funneled money to Steve Sisolak, Michael Naft, and Justin Jones, to ensure the board was stacked in his favor. Now the bill has come due. 

Rather than worry about our soaring unemployment, our closed schools and suicidal kids, or the rampant homeless problem, the all-Democrat county commissioners want to spend millions of dollars on changing the airport name to honor Harry Reid. Sign our petition to be submitted to the FAA to stop the madness!

Contact the oversight board directly—they need to know that Corrupt Harry Reid is not a fitting symbol for our great city. 

FAA Western-Pacific Region Phoenix Airports District Office, AWP-PHX-ADO (AZ, NV)

Mail Address

3800 N Central Ave, Ste 1025

Phoenix, AZ 85012-2136


Voice: 602-792-1062

Fax: 602-792-1061

Name  Title Phone Email Address
Mike Williams  Manager 602-792-1064
Holly Dixon  Assistant Manager 602-792-1053
Jocelyn Hazlewood  Airports Program Specialist 602-792-1063
Rosemary Vassiliadis McCarran Director of Aviation (702) 261-5211 Email
Ralph LePore McCarran Deputy Director of Aviation (702) 261-3250 Email
James Chrisley McCarran Deputy Director of Aviation (702) 261-5321 Email