June’s Primary Election: Fiction vs. Fact

Democrats and their media allies are doing everything they can to confuse voters about Nevada’s primary election in June. It is especially appalling that one well-known Silver State media personality has thrown all of the journalistic integrity he had left out the window to fully become water boy for the Democrat National Committee and Nevada Democrat Party.

We won’t allow an editor of a media organization lie to Nevadans. Here are some of the facts to the lies Democrats and their allies are telling Nevada voters.

FICTION: National and State Democrats are not trying to remove election safeguards put in place.

FACT: This is simply untrue. The Democratic National Committee and the Nevada State Democrats filed a lawsuit to remove Nevada’s lawful signature verification process.

FICTION: Joe Gloria, the Clark Registrar of Voters, was not pressured by Democratic groups to mail ballots out to all inactive voters in the state.

FACT: In the Joinder filed by the Clark County Registrar’s office, it stated that the office was pressured by “local county officials” to mail absentee ballots to ALL registered voters, including inactive voters.

FICTION: Republicans are attacking Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske and her process for June’s primary election.

FACT: The Republican National Committee and the Nevada Republican Party filed a motion to be co-defendants with the Nevada Secretary of State to defend Cegavske’s process and the Democrats’ brazen attempt to force her to willfully ignore Nevada law. Such requests from Democrats included mailing ballots to inactive voters, allowance of ballot harvesting, and removal of signature verification safeguards, among others.

It is unconscionable for any member of the media to willingly peddle fake news and carry the Democrats’ water as they sue to eliminate critical safeguards to Nevada’s elections. Nevadans deserve the facts.