Join the Election Day Operation ARMY FOR TRUMP!

In these uncertain times, one thing remains clear – the security and integrity of our elections are paramount to our way of life!  Volunteering for President Trump and the Republican Party during early voting, on election day, or during ballot counting is a great way to ensure a fair and honest election.

Join the Election Defense Operation ARMY FOR TRUMP NOW >>

Our Election Day Operation (EDO) is designed to ensure that everyone who is legally entitled to vote has the opportunity to vote, ONCE! As an EDO volunteer, you will be trained on the election laws of STATE.

You do not have to be a lawyer, you just have to know the rules and we will provide an organized network of assistance to all of our volunteers. Once you are trained, we will coordinate getting you credentialed to work the upcoming election.

Our goal is to cover every polling place in STATE with smart and trusted volunteers like you! 

JOIN the EDO Army For Trump NOW to get started and one of our team members will contact you with more information.

To expedite this process, when you sign-up please ensure your name and address match your voter registration.

Your work will truly make a difference for an honest election and to re-elect President Trump and all of our Republican candidates in STATE.

JOIN the EDO Army For Trump NOW! 

Democrats will be up to their old tricks to stop President Trump from being re-elected! With your help, we can ensure they don’t succeed!