Jeff Church – WCSD District A July Blog Post

Jeff Church – WCSD District A

If you know anyone going to public schools, things have gone from bad to worse.

No elected position is more important than serving on your local school board- none! It’s the education vs indoctrination of our future and schools are often the largest employer and have the largest budget in the county.

Up here in Washoe where I serve as the lone conservative on the board, we have a budget just under $1 billion, are the largest employer and responsible for 61,500 children.

Nevada ranks dead last in ACT scores and reputable studies place Nevada 44-45th overall. Instead of fixing the root problems in our State’s education system, the legislature raised taxes for education and passed laws making the teaching of so-called Social Justice, some call it critical race theory (CRT), mandatory!

The Biden Administration issued guidance allowing biological males (gender identity) into female sports, locker rooms, and even scholarships. This sets women rights back to 1918. Many of these rules are already in place in many districts in Nevada.

No matter where in Nevada you call home, now is the time to wake up. Attend and speak at school board meetings. Demand attention to Quality of Education. Ask hard questions on what is being taught and yes, run for school board. 2022 is just around the corner!

*Jeffrey Church is a newly elected Trustee in Washoe County School District. Views are his and do not represent the WCSD or other governmental organizations. Comments may be sent to