Impeach THIS

LAS VEGAS – Nancy Pelosi finally gave into pressure and announced yesterday she would open an impeachment inquiry into President Donald J. Trump.

Public polling has shown time and time again that only the radicalized base of the Democrat Party supports impeaching President Trump, but that wasn’t enough to stop Pelosi from driving her caucus straight off a cliff.

Her decision to move forward on impeachment will drag Democrat candidates—from President to state Legislature—down as they are forced to explain why they refuse to accept the results of the 2016 election.

Today, the Nevada Republican Party launched a t-shirt fighting back against this despicable political play from Pelosi and her unhinged caucus.

Donors that contribute $35 or more will receive our new “Impeach THIS” t-shirt for free, with proceeds being evenly split between the Nevada Republican Party and President Donald J. Trump’s campaign. Contributions can be made at this link.

“Yesterday was a turning point in the 2020 election,” Nevada Republican Party Michael J. McDonald said. “We are going to make Democrats wear this impeachment inquiry every day until Nevadans cast their vote and loudly tell Democrats they have completely lost their minds.”

Following yesterday’s news, the Nevada Republican Party also began collecting signatures from Nevadans across the state that are opposed to impeaching the President. For the foreseeable future, volunteers and staff working to register voters will carry the petition and give Nevadans a chance to voice their opinion on Pelosi’s impeachment inquiry.

“By allowing her caucus to be hijacked, Speaker Pelosi has made the 2020 election a referendum on the radicalization of the Left,” McDonald said. “Nevadans will know exactly how insane the Democrat party has become.”