Illegal Voters

One of the changes Democrats passed in their radical, rushed 2019 session was the mandate for the DMV to automatically register all voters who apply for drivers licenses. What you may not know, is that in Nevada, legal and illegal non-citizens can hold driver’s licenses and identification cards. Thus, unless they do their due diligence, they are prompted to register to vote. 

This is by design in Nevada–the first question is “Are you registered to vote?”, while the second question, “Are you a US Citizen?”. Seems like the order should be reversed. 

Under subpoena, the DMV finally provided a list of green card holders and non citizens who had obtained driver’s licenses. When we compared this detailed information against the county voter records in Nevada, we discovered that 6,260 non citizens were registered to vote and 3,987 non-citizens HAD VOTED.

One of our most basic checks in the electoral process, that this sacred right is limited to those with the privilege and responsibilities of citizenship, was subverted by the DMV. Read more from our data expert here.

And where are our law enforcement officers? We found this evidence without the help of our Top Cop in Nevada. Attorney General Ford: why are you not investigating voter fraud? You’ve made your position very public saying that you will investigate and prosecute voter fraud.

Yet, we have blatant vote buying, non-citizens receiving and casting ballots, deceased voters, people voting twice, etc. and you choose partisan politics to ignore the hundreds of pages of evidence while continuing the narrative that there was NO fraud.