ICYMI- Sisolak is Bad for Business

ICYMI- This week, mother and son duo business owners took a stand against the crippling overreach the economic shutdown has presented in Nevada.

Monica and Chad Cole own CrossFit Apollo in Northwest Las Vegas. In opposition of Governor Sisolak’s slow and uncertain phased reopening plan, these owners hosted their first open workout Monday night, implementing numerous new safety protocols and adhering to social distancing requirements. They feel it is time to reopen small businesses in a safe and responsible manner and
We are seeing similar situations across the state. Our entrepreneurs are pleading to reopen so they can remain in business. “Why are we not allowed to open, but Target can?” Cole said. “There’s no explanation, and it doesn’t make any sense.”

Our Republican elected officials showed support for the Coles, attending their reopening and championing small businesses opening their doors safely, sooner than the Governor has somewhat peculiarly laid out with his undefined phases and a failed county-by-county specific plan. Republican Senator Scott Hammond was among those who attended. “Family run small businesses like the Cole’s CrossFit Apollo are the bedrock of our community and our economy. If they are smart enough to come up with a way to reopen while using safe practices, they should absolutely be allowed to do so.”

Las Vegas Mayor Pro Tem and Nevada Republican Party National Committeewoman Michele Fiore was also in attendance to support our Nevada businesses and echoed the requests of a more business-friendly reopening plan that will assist those in economic distress as opposed to pushing consumers to larger retailers where social distancing is often ignored. The Nevada Republican Party and our elected officials continue to be the champions of our small businesses and are pressuring Governor Sisolak to reopen Nevada in a safe yet business-friendly manner.