ICYMI: NV Republicans plan delegate vote on same day as Democratic caucus

The year-long fight to be the Democrats’ nominee comes to a head in Nevada in less than a month, yet after the smoke clears and the votes are tallied…they still won’t know who will be on the ballot in November.

Meanwhile, on the same day as the Nevada Democrats’ caucus, the Nevada Republican Party will be binding their delegates to Charlotte’s national convention to President Trump and showing the country Nevada Republicans will spend all of 2020 sharing the President’s accomplishments and will deliver the Silver State for him in November.

No matter which socialist Democrat limps out of the nominating contest, they will be face making up for lost time against an organization that has been working toward an Election Day 2020 win for over a year.

NV Republicans plan delegate vote on same day as Democratic caucus
Riley Snyder
Nevada Independent
January 23, 2020

Despite adopting a rule change to effectively not hold a statewide presidential caucus, the Nevada Republican Party will vote to pledge its delegates to President Donald Trump on the same day as the state’s Democratic presidential caucus.

The state GOP’s planned winter meeting in Pahrump was intentionally scheduled to be the same day, Feb. 22, as the Democratic Party’s presidential caucus, Republican officials said, and will see delegates participate in a “presidential preference poll” designed to bind the state’s delegates to President Donald Trump without a large-scale, possibly competitive caucus.

Party Chairman Michael McDonald said in a statement that the party made the decision to hold its winter meeting on Feb. 22 to provide a contrast with national Democrats, who have 12 candidates running for the party’s presidential nomination.

“We chose February 22 to bind our delegates to the President because the contrast couldn’t be greater,” he said in an emailed statement. “While Democrats fight it out over which socialist will be their nominee, the whole country will see that Nevada Republicans are firmly behind President Trump’s campaign and will spend the next year sharing his accomplishments and working to re-elect him in November.”