ICYMI: Nevadans Rally to Support Our Police

Nearly 100 Nevadans showed up to the state capital to show their support for the Silver State’s men and women that protect our communities and demand legislators not handcuff our cops in the upcoming special session.

Nevada Republican Party Chairman Michael J. McDonald rallied the crowd and called for Democrats in the state legislature and Congress to stand up to the mob that is demanding defunding our police officers and enacting policies that put our cops in harm’s way.

Republican lawmakers Assembly Republican Minority Leader Dr. Robin Titus, Assemblyman Gregory Hafen II, Assemblywoman Alexis Hansen, Assemblyman Jim Wheeler, Assemblywoman Melissa Hardy, and State Senator Ira Hansen spoke to their commitment to oppose legislation that would endanger law enforcement officers and our neighborhoods.

Jim Marchant, the Republican nominee for Congressional District 4, also promised to support President Trump’s law and order agenda in Congress.

Following the speeches, the crowd marched to the Nevada Law Enforcement Memorial to pay honor to the officers that have lost their life in the line of duty.

“Instead of demonizing and defunding our men and women in blue, we should be investing more money to train them to be more effective on our streets,” McDonald said. “You won’t find one person that supports a bad cop. Let’s ignore the mob and work together to support the good cops that want to do the right thing.”