Governor Sisolak’s State of the State Address

“Once again we see Governor Sisolak placing the blame of our state’s failure on the Federal Government and the Coronavirus without taking any responsibility for his own leadership failures. From vaccine distribution to unemployment, the failures of our state lie squarely at the feet of our Governor and Democrat leadership. His proposed plans are heavily dependent on reaching into Nevada’s depleted rainy day fund and the aid of the Federal Government. As we see in states such as Florida and South Dakota, with effective leadership a state is able to thrive without using rainy day funds and demanding to be spoon fed by the Federal Government.
Nevada continues to be among the worst states for vaccine distribution. Right now, Nevada has over 100,000 vaccines just waiting to be distributed. Due to poor leadership and planning, Nevadans who need a vaccine the most are not receiving it. Governor Sisolak had almost a year to create an effective distribution plan, but yet again he has failed Nevadans.
Tonight, Governor Sisolak bragged about leaving 152 state employee positions unfilled. More than 230,000 Nevadans have lost their jobs and closed their businesses due to Sisolak’s shutdown. 230,000 versus 152 – consequences for thee but not for any state employees. We must right-size our bloated bureaucracy that continues to fail at providing Nevadans the benefits that they need and deserve.
Doubling down on economic failure, Governor Sisolak proposes a budget increase even though the state does not have the money or the income to replenish our coffers. Rather than increase taxes, we must reduce the budget to ensure we are a state that lives within our means.
Democrats eliminated Education Savings Accounts and sunsetted the Millenium Scholarship Fund, both of which gave parents control over their children’s education. Tonight, the Governor had the gall to ask us to appropriate more unaccountable money to teacher’s unions instead of the students. On top of being the lowest performing state for education in the country, our kids have now lost a year of learning. When will Democrats have the courage to stand for students instead of unions? Funding should be for the students, empowering parents to set their children up for success how they see fit, no matter what zip code they reside. The soft bigotry of the Democrat status quo has failed Nevada’s children.
Our elected officials need to be held accountable. Elections have consequences, but where do we find ourselves when elections are not secure and fair? We need election integrity and election reform now. Every Nevadan must be confident in our election process, which was not the case this past election thanks to last minute changes of our laws which enabled fraud and legalized processes that were formerly felonies under the guise of safety.
Every Nevadan who voted legally was disenfranchised by the 130,000 fraudulent votes that were cast and counted by Democrat election officials. This should outrage anyone who feels like one vote per voter is the standard for a free and fair election. Our party will continue the fight for clean elections in the 2021 legislative session by introducing bills that will aid in election integrity and fix Nevada’s broken election system.
The Governor’s State of the State tonight was a clear reminder of how our Democrat leaders have failed the people of the Silver State. Nevada needs a reality check. The Governor’s solutions to our problems will lead us further into dependency on the Federal Government and increase taxes for hard working Nevadans.”