Democrat Candidates are Pandering to Las Vegans on Homelessness

LAS VEGAS – The Las Vegas City Council will vote on an ordinance to deal with the city’s homelessness crisis today. If passed, law enforcement would inform people sleeping in particular public places that they could either leave the area or accept a ride to a shelter that has a bed for them to sleep in. If they refuse either option, the person would be cited with a misdemeanor.

They are not asked to leave or cited with a misdemeanor should a shelter bed be unavailable.

Floundering Democrats desperately seeking relevancy in a campaign that has long passed them by haven’t missed a chance to pander to opponents of the ordinance. Julian Castro, Cory Booker, and Kamala Harris have all come out against banning sleeping or camping in particular places in Las Vegas.

All three have held positions of leadership in their home cities of San Antonio, Newark, and San Francisco respectively, and all three jurisdictions have restrictions on camping or sleeping in particular places according to the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty.

The hypocrisy gets worse.

When four ordinances to restrict the homeless were up for a vote in a San Antonio City Council meeting while Castro was a member, he missed them.

And perhaps more galling, a video emerged earlier this year of Harris laughing about threatening to prosecute a homeless mother because the mother’s children weren’t going to school.

Elizabeth Warren has also come out against the Las Vegas ordinance, but what can she say she’s done to lift the bans on sleeping or camping in particular public places in the Massachusetts cities of Boston and Fall River that she represents?


And yesterday, Bernie Sanders voiced his opposition but has he pressured the Vermont city of Burlington, where he lives and once served as mayor, to lift their bans on sleeping and camping in particular places?

Again, nothing.

“Democrat candidates for President opposing the ordinance the Las Vegas City Council is voting on today are advocating for the homeless to continue suffering on our streets,” said Nevada Republican Party Chairman Michael J. McDonald. “Their pandering has also exposed them for the hypocrites they truly are.”