Despite a national media blitz spinning the contrary, Governor Sisolak has no plan for how and when he plans to reopen Nevada.

Sisolak’s stay at home order runs through Thursday, yet financially stressed Nevadans that have sacrificed for weeks to protect the state’s health and security are getting nothing but silence from the governor on what he plans to actually do.

Whenever Sisolak finally announces if the stay at home order will be extended in the coming days, he owes Nevadans more clarity than his last appearance before local media.

Last week’s press conference was such a failure, even his biggest cheerleaders were left demanding more specifics and a timeline.

And again over the weekend, Sisolak was criticized for his inability to navigate Nevada out of this crisis in the media.

Nevadans have had enough. It’s time for Sisolak to follow Republican legislators and business leaders’ lead and release a comprehensive plan for how and when the state will reopen.

People’s lives are at stake.