Corrupt Carlton Files Late Reports

Maggie Carlton, State Assemblywoman for District 14, finally filed her Contribution and Expense reports to the Secretary of State. The deadline for doing so was nearly a week ago.

This begs the question, if Assemblywoman Carlton, who chairs the Assembly Ways and Means Committee, can’t complete her own C & E Reports on time, how can she be trusted to oversee Nevada’s budget in the current climate?

Was Carlton trying to hide a quid pro quo that would have come out during the special session? Recently, it was revealed the American Federation of State County Municipal Employees (AFSCME) contributed nearly a quarter of a million dollars to Assembly and Senate Democrats. And on her report, today, what did we find?  Another $2,500 donation from AFSCME to her account.

How did this weigh on Assemblywoman Carlton’s decision-making process?“It should come as no surprise that after almost two weeks of Special Session that so little was accomplished,” said Nevada Republican Party Executive Director Jessica Hanson. “When the Chair of the Assembly Ways and Means Committee can’t even file her own C & E Reports on time, what should we expect? Nevadans deserved to see Carlton’s report in a timely manner to show voters how much she pocketed from AFSCME and how it played a role in her decision making.”