Clark County Democrats Cut Shady Deal with Nevada Democratic Party and Outside Liberal Groups

At a time when local governments’ budgets are being decimated by the closure of Nevada’s economy, Democrats on the Clark County Commission cut a shady backroom deal with the Nevada Democratic Party and outside liberal organizations to waste nearly $200,000 sending ballots to inactive voters that no longer reside at the address on file. Even Clark County’s own registrar estimates at least 90 percent of the ballots sent to inactive voters will be returned undeliverable.

But that’s not all.

The county is also spending an additional $139,000 to lease the necessary hardware to add two additional in-person voting locations, despite the registrar also believing this was unnecessary due to the fact that everyone is being mailed a ballot and because “of the extremely low turnout for primary elections in Clark County in the recent past.”

And it gets worse.

Clark County will also be paying an undisclosed sum to “deputize and train” 20 individuals, as well as their travel, to ballot harvest. Yep, that’s right. Not only are our county officials allowing strangers to take ballots from Nevadans during a pandemic, they are paying these individuals tax dollars to do so.

“The Clark County Commission and Nevada Democratic Party owe southern Nevadans answers,” said Nevada Republican Party Chairman Michael J. McDonald. “Our economy has been shut down for nearly two months and there is no doubt our budget has a massive hole blown into it. Why are we wasting money on things our elections professionals deem unnecessary while our county’s services are in serious jeopardy?”