Reminder: Democrats Are Rooting Against You

Democrats Are So Desperate To Unseat President Trump That The Thought Of Millions Of Americans Going Back To Work Has Sent Them Into A Panic _____________­­____________­__ AMERICA’S ECONOMIC RECOVERY IS A RELIEF TO EVERYONE EXCEPT DEMOCRATS WHO ARE MORE CONCERNED WITH DEFEATING PRESIDENT TRUMP While President Trump is working to revive the nation’s economy, Democrats […]

The Results Are In, Schiff Flopped

This Week, The Only Quid Pro Quo Was Democrats Trading Electoral Support For A Sham Schiff Show That Flopped Immensely With Voters Across The U.S. The Facts: THE SHAM IMPEACHMENT HEARINGS HAVE ENORMOUSLY BACKFIRED WITH SUPPORT DROPPING LIKE A STONE AMONG INDEPENDENTS AND SUBURBAN VOTERS A new Marquette poll shows support for impeachment has dropped […]

What You Need To Know About Today’s Impeachment Inquiry

From Keith Schipper: Today, Congressional Democrats continue to pursue their partisan witch hunt against President Trump. But today’s witnesses will only confirm what we already know – there was nothing improper in the July 25th phone call (read the transcript!), President Trump was legitimately concerned with corruption in Ukraine, and there was no ‘quid pro quo’ agreement. Nancy […]

Schiff’s Impeachment Sequel Flops

From RNC Research: The Only Concrete Facts Out Of This Hearing Are That President Trump Has Given Much More Aid To Ukraine Than Obama And That Biden’s Burisma Problems Are Worse Than Thought The Facts: TODAY’S HEARING SHOWS THAT PRESIDENT TRUMP HAS BEEN MORE SUPPORTIVE OF UKRAINE THAN OBAMA, BIDEN’S BURISMA PROBLEMS ARE REAL AND […]

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