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ICYMI: NV Republicans plan delegate vote on same day as Democratic caucus

The year-long fight to be the Democrats’ nominee comes to a head in Nevada in less than a month, yet after the smoke clears and the votes are tallied…they still won’t know who will be on the ballot in November. Meanwhile, on the…

Nevada Republican Party Update 10/25/2019

Happy Nevada Day Weekend! The Nevada Republican Party has been quite busy this month. With the 2020 elections right around the corner, the Nevada Republican Party is doing more than it ever has to help President Donald J. Trump and all our down-ballot…

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Rural Republican lawmakers top American Conservative Union’s legislative scorecard

The American Conservative Union Foundation has released a scorecard of the Legislature’s 2019 session, crowning rural Republican Sen. Ira Hansen and rural Republican Assemblyman John Ellison as the most likely to vote with the group’s ideology. Read the full story here.

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Nevada Republican Party


President Trump Is Fulfilling His Promise To End Endless Wars
This Saturday, The Trump Administration Signed An Agreement In Afghanistan…


Nevada Republican Party

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