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Clark County Democrats Cut Shady Deal with Nevada Democratic Party and Outside Liberal Groups

At a time when local governments’ budgets are being decimated by the closure of Nevada’s economy, Democrats on the Clark County Commission cut a shady backroom deal with the Nevada Democratic Party and outside liberal organizations to waste nearly $200,000 sending ballots to…

Nevada Republican Party Has Biggest Online Fundraising Quarter in Party History

LAS VEGAS – The Nevada Republican Party set a new record for online fundraising in the first quarter of 2020. In a celebrated effort, the Nevada GOP was able to raise over $100,000.00 online through small dollar donations. “In the history of the state…

Nevada GOP Chairman Michael J. McDonald’s Statement on the Statewide Closure of Non-Essential Businesses

LAS VEGAS – Nevada Republican Party Chairman Michael J. McDonald released the following statement after Gov. Steve Sisolak announced a statewide closure of non-essential businesses: “As a lifelong Nevadan, I have experienced the best and toughest times firsthand. From 9/11 to 1 October,…

The Nevada GOP Binds its Delegates to President Trump

LAS VEGAS – The Nevada Republican Party voted to bind its delegates for the Republican National Convention this summer to Donald J. Trump and endorsed his campaign today. The vote was by acclamation. Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. campaign manager Brad Parscale…

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