Carson City Update – June 2, 2019

We’ve finally made it. If all goes according to plan, the Legislature will sine die tomorrow.

There are plenty of issues being resolved this weekend, such as same day voter registration and the omnibus gun bill that will strip many of their right to due process.

Same day voter registration has passed out of the Assembly and is waitng for action in the Senate.

We can stop this.

Please take a minute and call or email Senators and urge them to OPPOSE A.B. 345. You can find contact information for Senators here.
Unfortunately, the omnibus gun bill that strips Nevadans of their right to due process is on Gov. Sisolak’s desk. Call the Governor at (775) 684-5670 and urge him to protect Nevadans, and their 2nd Amendment rights, and

VETO A.B. 291!

After our offensive against Nicole Cannizzaro last week for her proposed $30 million cut to the school safety budget, the Majority Leader unveiled legislation to pay for the school safety measures with the $100 million payroll tax increase the Democrats have been championing all session.

And her only hope of passing this tax increase is to do it without the 2/3 majority required.

Seriously, she’s jeopardizing school safety on an unconstitutional tax increase.

Instead of paying to protect children as originally outlined in Gov. Sisolak’s budget, Cannizzaro is playing politics with Nevada children’s lives.

It’s pitiful.

If you have a moment, call or email legislators in both the Senate and the Assembly and urge them to stop holding the safety of kids hostage for the sake of an unconstitutional tax increase!


You Won’t Believe This…

I know I ask a lot of you when I attempt to get you to call lawmakers, and at times many question how effective a simple call or email can be.

This week affirmed that the power of our voices can’t be denied.

Thanks to our efforts (and prayers), Gov. Sisolak VETOED the National

Popular Vote bill pushed through the Legislature by radical Democrats!

In announcing his intention, Sisolak said he came to the decision after his office received thousands of phone calls from Nevadans. He admitted our efforts swayed him to veto the bill.

Sure, there are many things that have been signed into that we can be disappointed about, but those shouldn’t diminish our victories.

We stopped Nevada from becoming a Sanctuary State.

We stopped our electoral votes from being allocated to the presidential candidate who wins the national popular vote.

We showed Nevadans just who is on the right side when it comes to protecting our children in their schools.

And now that session is over, we need to raise our energy and passion levels even higher and reclaim this state.

I’m fired up and ready to get to work on winning in 2020. Are you?


Join Me in Vegas…

I appreciate all of you that helped out during the legislative session.

Together, we made sure Republican voices were heard on every major bill.

It truly was a team effort.

If you are in Las Vegas this Friday, June 7, I hope you will join me at the Nevada Republican Party’s First Friday event at Stoney’s Rockin Country where I will be wrapping up the 2019 legislative session with the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Victor Joecks.

There will be drink specials and a 50/50 drawing, so come out, enjoy some fellowship with other Nevada Republicans, and hear about the good, the bad, and the ugly during the legislative session from Victor and me.

It’s going to be an awesome event.

Tickets are just $10 dollars. You can reserve yours here at this link. You can also purchase tickets at the door, but only cash is accepted.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Email me at, or call me at 515-512-0858 and I would be more than happy to help you out.

And as always, please take a minute and forward this email to your fellow Nevada Republicans. It is crucial we keep people updated on what is going on in Carson City.

Thanks for all you do,

Josh Skaggs

Legislative Affairs Director

Nevada Republican Party