Cannizzaro Cooks the Books

State Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro is the newest addition to a disgraceful list of Nevada Democrats that have been caught abusing campaign finance laws.

According to a report today, a political action committee Cannizzaro runs cut a check to her campaign, despite being funded by two donors that had already given her campaign the max donation.

Between her predecessor, former Senate Majority Leader Kelvin Atkinson, using over $250 million of his campaign account as his own personal slush fund to former Clark County Commissioner Rory Reid using shell corporations to skirt contribution limits for his failed gubernatorial campaign, Nevadans have come to expect Silver State Democrats to flout campaign finance laws.

And this news comes on the heels of an apparent quid pro quo between Nevada Democrats and the state employees union.

Last week news came out that Nevada Democrats including Cannizzaro received almost $250 thousand by AFSCME and then returned the favor by voting to give state employees almost $40 million dollars. Pair that with the fact that Cannizzaro shuffled money from her P.A.C. to her campaign account to bypass contribution limits and you’ve got a scandal on your hands.

Cannizzaro and Nevada Democrats continue to prove Nevadans can’t trust their judgment. The Majority Leader clearly believes the rules simply do not apply to her.