Battle Born Candidates

Stage Four: Battle Born

Requests from Campaign

Raise $50,000 for Assembly / Raise $100,000 for Senate

Develop a GOTV Plan

Successfully Host A Super Saturday

Incentives from State Party

Announcement of Completion of Battle Born Program

A Fundraising Appeal from NVGOP

In-Kind Messages on Behalf of your Campaign from the NVGOP

Carrie Buck

Running for State Senate District 5

April Becker

Running for Senate District 6

Scott Hammond

Senate District 18, Co-Minority Whip

Pete Goicoechea

Senate District 19

Heidi Gansert

Senate District 20, Co-Minority Whip

Andy Matthews

Running for Assembly District 37

Heidi Kasama

Running for Assembly District 2

Tom Roberts

Assembly District 13

Melissa Hardy

Assembly District 22

Glen Leavitt

Assembly District 23

Jill Tolles

Assembly District 25

Lisa Krasner

Assembly District 26

Alexis Hansen

Assembly District 32

John Ellison

Assembly District 33

Gregory Hafen II

Assembly District 36

Dr. Robin Titus

Assembly District 38

Jim Wheeler

Assembly District 39

Contender Candidates

Stage Three: Contender

Requests from Campaign

Complete Voter Contact / Voter ID Plan

Hire Mail / Digital Vendors

Launch Website / Social Media

Complete Communications, Data, and Political Training Programs Hosted by NVGOP

Incentives from State Party

Announcement of “Contender” Status to Stakeholders

Send Biography and Contact Information to Stakeholders

Ability to Speak at Certain NVGOP Events Social Media Updates Regarding Your Campaign

Katie Duncan

Running for Assembly District 6

Joshua Dowden

Running for Senate District 11

Anthony Palmer

Running for Assembly District 7

On The Map Candidates

Stage Two: On The Map

Requests from Campaign

Create Realistic Finance Plan

Establish a Path to Victory Plan

Incentives from State Party

Announcement of Being “On The Map” to Stakeholders

Coming Soon!

There are no candidates currently in this stage, but sign up to keep informed!

Enrollee Candidates

Stage One: Enrollee

Requests from Campaign

Prepare All Paperwork for Campaign Filing

Provide Contact Information for Candidate and Staff

Sign Data Agreement w/ NVGOP

Successfully Complete NVGOP Candidate Questionnaire and Vulnerability Study

Incentives from State Party

Listed on State Party Website

Dr. Erika Smith

Running for Assembly District 41

Jack Polcyn

Running for Assembly District 17

Barb Hawn

Running for Assembly District 27

Cherlyn Arrington

Running for Assembly District 21

Steve DeLisle

Running for Assembly District 29