A Note from the Chairman – Happy Independence Day Week

I want to wish you and yours a very Happy Independence Day week. As we enter this time a year, one in which we reflect on being fortunate enough to call the United States of America home, I give my thanks to the men and women who defend our freedoms and keep those who gave the ultimate sacrifice fighting for this country in my prayers.

I am especially reflective of how blessed we are after witnessing last week’s Democrat presidential primary debates. There wasn’t a candidate on that stage that wouldn’t force a brand of socialism on our country.

It was downright terrifying at times.

Now that we are beginning to see what truly is at stake—open borders, government-run health care, giving said government-run health care to illegal immigrants, and more—it is becoming clear we are going to have to fight with everything we’ve got to re-elect President Donald J. Trump.

That is why this Independence Day we will be partnering with the Trump Victory campaign and registering voters across the state. As Nevada continues to be one of the fastest growing states in the country, it is imperative that we find Republicans moving in and registering them to vote.

If you are interested in joining one of the teams that will be out registering voters, please reach out to Nevada’s Trump Victory State Director Joe Weaver and sign up! You can email Joe at jweaver@gop.com.

This voter registration drive is just one of many events we have held already this summer. And you simply wouldn’t believe the turnout we’ve had at these events.

Last week, we partnered with Kevin Wall, who I know many of you listen to across the state, to host Democrat primary debate watch parties.

What surprised me most, even more than the crazy socialist proposals that came from the candidates, was that we were nearly at capacity both nights. With over 50 people in attendance for each event, I even heard members of the press express their shock that we drew such a crowd.

We hosted a candidate training the prior week, which also sold out. Nearly 100 activists considering a run for office gave up their Saturday to hear from the best campaign experts in Nevada and across the country.

We’ve already met with a few attendees to talk further about their potential campaign, and I have to tell you, they would be very strong and inspiring candidates should they choose to throw their hat in the ring.

Just days before our training, we held over 30 watch parties across the state for President Trump’s re-election campaign’s kickoff.

And I am excited to report that we found out last week during a call with all 50 state Republican Party chairmen that Las Vegas had more watch party attendees than any other city in the country!

Our next event will be this Friday, July 5. If you are in Las Vegas, please join us at our First Friday at Stoney’s Rockin Country. We are excited to have Don Turner, President of the Nevada Firearms Coalition, speak on how radical Democrats in Carson City came after our Second Amendment rights during the legislative session.

Tickets are free, so reserve yours here!

After traveling the state this year, I can’t say that I am surprised that we are selling out events and drawing bigger crowds for President Trump than anyone else in the country. Something is brewing beneath the surface that pundits and Democrats haven’t caught onto yet, and that is a burning desire to give our President four more years in the White House!

People will catch on eventually, but quite frankly, I hope they don’t anytime soon. Together with the RNC and Trump campaign, we are building a MAGA army that will shock the country next year, and I’m in no hurry for the opposition to catch on.

Nevadans are growing happier by the day with the direction our country is going because they are reaping the benefits of what our party offers.

One of the most important tenets of our party platform is the philosophy that small, limited government will lead to greater fulfillment and prosperity for everyone.

And thanks to our President’s commitment to this plank in our platform, we are seeing just how much we can flourish.

According to a recent report from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, states embracing limited-government policies, like Nevada, are unmistakably better off than progressive, high-tax states.

How so?

Since the passage of the President’s tax cuts, Forbes reports that private-sector job creation in the nation’s 27 low-tax states has twice as much as that of their high-tax counterparts.

And which state is first on the list?

That’s right. It’s Nevada.

The number of jobs in our state’s private sector has increased by nearly six percent.

Manufacturing jobs alone have grown by 15.9 percent.

Results like these are why I believe we are seeing a groundswell of support for President Trump this year.

And it all stems back to what this party has been built on. By unleashing America’s potential and emphasizing free markets and limited-government, we are truly Making America Great Again.

I hope you’ll share this note from me with your fellow Republicans. It is critical we keep our base up-to-speed on what is going on.

Additionally, please feel free to share this with people who maybe aren’t Republicans. By showcasing what in our party’s platform is working, and why it is working, we can swing those unaffiliated voters to our side as we gear up for next year’s elections.


Michael J. McDonald
Chairman, Nevada Republican Party