A Note from Storey County Commissioner Jay Carmona


As we ramp up towards election season a pit begins to grow in my belly. Constituents across Nevada and around the nation will soon be inundated with negative campaign ads until the time the polls close. As a voter and someone seeking re-election in my own county, it sickens me that this is what the political arena has become. It’s evolved into an accepted practice across all races on all levels.

When a candidate and their campaign team choose to attack their opponent rather than educating voters as to why you should vote for them, red flags should be sprouting up everywhere. There are various reasons that candidates choose this campaign strategy but I imagine the primary reason is because they have very little positive to say about their own abilities and ideas. Campaign season should be for learning about the individual candidates and what they offer the constituents if elected. Negative campaigning is a distraction technique during what can be a difficult time for the average voter. Most voters, especially in larger jurisdictions don’t always have the opportunity to speak with candidates much less hold a meaningful conversation where their questions can be answered. Voters need to learn as much as they can about candidates in a short period of time without distractions like salacious stories, half truths or flat out lies about a candidate.

With big changes recently made to our way of life and more changes on the horizon, this mid term election is extremely important. We will either elect or re-elect people who will keep us moving in the direction we are already headed or elect those who can take us in a different direction. We must ignore the noise created by those who choose to run their campaign in a negative fashion and do all we can to learn about the candidates and their platforms.

Once we’ve made up our mind on who to vote for, we need to get out and vote. Many questions have been raised about election fraud/election integrity in all 50 states. For the masses, It doesn’t look like the much needed changes will be made to our voting system in time for the 2022 elections. That leaves us few options to minimize the potential for voter fraud. Every one should take the time to at least, check your voter registration long before voting day & vote in person. Those who are able to more can connect with your local GOP Precinct and become active in cleaning up voter roles and/or Apply to become a poll worker or poll watcher.

In closing, this is definitely not the year to sit by on the sidelines hoping things will get better. Involvement is key in order to make the necessary changes happen. Reach out to your local party, volunteers are always needed and welcomed. Connect with your favorite candidate(s) and offer to support their campaign by assisting with door knocking, setting up meet & greets in your area & if possible, financial donations.


Jay Carmona