A Note from Assemblyman John Ellison

Assemblyman John Ellison – AD 33

Looking back on my time in the Nevada Legislature, I made many friends as well as a few enemies. I stayed true to my conservative values and remembering my constituents who continued to support me in my 12 years of representation. This last session was an uphill battle, but we pushed through. Those who vote against the by-laws in the state of Nevada GOP should not be representing us as any level. We need to focus on and support those with true conservative values and those who will run on and with the GOP platform. We need to hold those who run as Republicans and then vote otherwise accountable.

This is a pivotal time for Nevada and our elections. We need to support those who stand with the ones they represent and the ones who put them in office. The only way we can get Nevada back to what we once were, is to get out and support those who will make a change, be a voice, and show leadership even if they’re standing alone.