A Note from Assemblyman Gregory Hafen

Fellow Patriots,

We are living in one of the most politically divisive times in modern American history. National interests have infected the Nevada Democrats and their policy priorities. In this time of heightened political turmoil, we must strengthen our resolve, not attack our fellow Republicans. The strength of our party is that we allow for differences of opinion and do not control our members in a top-down fashion just because it serves our political agenda at the time.

Instead, we must recognize the forces that are sitting by and watching our country tear itself apart. Not just the leftists in our country, but global superpowers like China and Russia which would love nothing more than to see the United States of America lose its ethic and economic power on the world stage.

The political unrest, economic turmoil, and overall health of our nation the last 18 months has taken a toll on us all. Despite these challenges, we must remain focused on our nation’s true enemies. Attempts to stir up political resentment amongst our citizenry have been clearly made by our two biggest international competitors.

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China and Russia have been stoking internal strife, not just between opposing parties but also between our own members. We have to remember the Reagan Rule – not to attack fellow Republicans. Here’s an example:

A good friend of mine and I both have Concealed Carry Permits and daily carry our firearms. While she carries a Smith & Wesson, I choose carry a Glock. Recently, we discussed the merits of our choice of brand. She says that her choice is more patriotic because it is American made. I said that my Glock has been shown to be more reliable, therefore I have the superior weapon. While either argument may or may not be true, both of us carry our firearms to protect our families and communities from those who would do us harm. That conversation may be beneficial at times, if either of us decide to replace our every-day carry or purchase an additional firearm for example. But when we are asked to defend our choice to own and carry a gun, we provide a reasoned case for gun ownership rather than attacking one another over our differences. Side note, my friend is a much better shot than me!

In the same way, rather than attacking one another over our differences, we must stand firm and provide a reasoned case for our conservative ideals rather than criticizing each other and tearing down fellow members of our party. As we move into the 2022 Election Cycle, it is imperative that we support incumbents and work together to secure more Republican seats to take back our state.

As always, thank you for continuing to fight for the values that make Nevada an exceptional place to live, work and call home. To learn more about my 2022 Assembly race, visit www.hafen4nevada.comand follow me for updates on Facebook & Instagram @hafen4nevada.

In service,

Assemblyman Gregory T. Hafen II