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Schiff’s Impeachment Sequel Flops

From RNC Research: The Only Concrete Facts Out Of This Hearing Are That President Trump Has Given Much More Aid To Ukraine Than Obama And That Biden's Burisma Problems Are Worse Than Thought The Facts: TODAY'S HEARING SHOWS THAT PRESIDENT TRUMP HAS BEEN…

RNC Chair McDaniel: At impeachment hearing, Democrats pursue deluded dream to overturn Trump’s election

At Impeachment Hearing, Democrats Pursue Deluded Dream to Overturn Trump’s Election Fox News RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel November 13, 2019 "The House Intelligence Committee’s impeachment hearing Wednesday went as expected: nothing new was learned, and what we already knew was affirmed: there was…

President Trump Is Committed to Supporting Every Brave American Who Has Served Our Country

From We must strive to build communities that truly serve, support, and protect our veterans from the very first moment they return to civilian life. President Donald J. Trump SERVING, SUPPORTING, AND PROTECTING OUR VETERANS: President Donald J. Trump has made it…

Democrat Candidates are Pandering to Las Vegans on Homelessness

LAS VEGAS – The Las Vegas City Council will vote on an ordinance to deal with the city’s homelessness crisis today. If passed, law enforcement would inform people sleeping in particular public places that they could either leave the area or accept a…

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