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Cannizzaro Cooks the Books

State Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro is the newest addition to a disgraceful list of Nevada Democrats that have been caught abusing campaign finance laws. According to a report today, a political action committee Cannizzaro runs cut a check to her campaign, despite…

Corrupt Carlton Files Late Reports

Maggie Carlton, State Assemblywoman for District 14, finally filed her Contribution and Expense reports to the Secretary of State. The deadline for doing so was nearly a week ago. This begs the question, if Assemblywoman Carlton, who chairs the Assembly Ways and Means…

Nevada Republican Party Has Biggest Online Fundraising Quarter in NV GOP History

The enthusiasm to support the Nevada Republican Party has not slowed, even amid a global pandemic. Now more than ever, individual donors are recognizing the importance of contributing to the Party, supported by the record-breaking second quarter in which the Nevada Republican Party…

SHOT/CHASER: Corrupt as Hell

SHOT:     CHASER:   Nevada Democrats are corrupt as hell. 

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Nevada Republican Party


Promises Made, Promises Kept On USMCA
Today, The Heralded USMCA Trade Agreement Comes Into Force And…


Nevada Republican Party

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