Nevada GOP & NV Republican Assembly Caucus Oppose AB321

Nevada GOP & NV Republican Assembly Caucus Oppose AB321
Chairman Michael J. McDonald and Republican Assembly Caucus Leader Dr. Robin Titus went on the record today in opposition of AB 321 which makes universal mail voting and ballot harvesting permanent. This bill would ensure that voting irregularities, ballot harvesting, and all the issues we saw in the 2020 elections would continue in favor of Democrat candidates. All mail voting is a waste of state funds and cannot be properly conducted in a state like Nevada until there is meaningful election reform and voter roll maintenance.
Mailing ballots to all registered voters, including tens of thousands with known bad addresses, was deliberately done in 2020. There was no meaningful or significant checking of the ballots which created a penalty free environment for fraud, just as the Democrats intended when they passed AB4 to begin with. Don’t let Speaker Frierson get away with enabling even more voter fraud with his “good trouble”.
“This bill allows legalized ballot harvesting while criminalizing anyone who picks up loose ballots. Our state, which already has low standards for meaningful observation of polling places, will have none—as election workers are deputized to arrest anyone who ‘interferes’. If you notice the irregularities noted in the attached sworn statements, would that qualify as interference?
Rather than be champions for transparency, the sponsoring members are champions for voter suppression. They have no penalties for registrars who fail to properly secure ballots—but they do make it impossible to contest an election.
This bill is the enemy of clean elections, clean government, and transparency. Our elections should have just as stringent of security as a casino—where you have to show ID to get a player’s card, and everything is recorded by surveillance. End the double standard, and vote NO on AB321.”

You can read Chairman McDonald’s full testimony here.

“AB321 is another party-line bill meant to make AB4 permanent. AB4-ever is a partisan playbook being imposed on us as the progressive proof-of-concept model of the west coast.
We all know it was riddled with problems costing taxpayers $2.7 million dollars with a nominal difference of turnout between 2016 and 2020, a 1% increase that far underperformed the national trend.
Through a 2018 ballot initiative, automatic voter registration at the DMV is law. The agency requesting $53,000,000 to upgrade its software is now the gatekeeper of our already inaccurate voter rolls. Clark County mailed out 1.3 million ballots for its primary election but 1 in 5 were never delivered. And it is a fact that at least a couple deceased voters had votes cast in their name.”

You can read Caucus Leader Dr. Titus’s statement here.

We need everyone to do the following:
  • Register to provide comment in opposition of the bill during tomorrow’s hearing.
  • Submit your written testimony via email to be entered on the record.
  • Write a public opinion on the bill (as of 10AM 3/31/21 there are 204 opinions in favor and only 176 in opposition. We need more opinions!)
  • Call and email legislators letting them know this is a BAD BILL and to Vote NO!
All information on the bill and processes above can be found here:…/


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