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Legislative Update- Nevada Republicans Score Huge Victory!

Early Friday morning, after 2am, Republicans in the Nevada Senate held tight, all of them, together, to refuse to give the Democrats the 2/3 vote needed to make devastating changes to Nevada taxes for the mining industry. Assembly Bill 4 (AB4) passed the…

Democrats Zero In On Nevada’s Miners

As Nevadans reel economically from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Nevada Democrats have zeroed in on raising taxes on the state’s crucial mining industry. “The reality is we have a huge shortfall, and this is not about villainizing the mining industry,” Assembly…

Nevada GOP Chairman Michael J. McDonald Statement on Dr. Jill Biden Event in Reno

LAS VEGAS – Nevada Republican Party Chairman Michael J. McDonald released the following statement regarding Dr. Jill Biden’s virtual listening session in Reno today: “Make no mistake, Joe Biden’s agenda would devastate Nevada. His socialist economic policies would raise taxes on Nevada’s middle-class…

Nevada Democrats Wasting Money, Putting Lives at Risk

A week into the special session in Carson City and what do Nevada Democrats have to show for it? Nothing. In fact, the Democrat’s marquee accomplishment thus far is nothing more than a resolution asking President Trump and Congress to do what they are incapable…

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