With Bogus Resolution, Democrats Greenlight Sham Show Trial

From RNC Research The Facts CONGRESS WILL VOTE TOMORROW ON A FLAWED DEMOCRAT RESOLUTION FORMALIZING THEIR WITCH HUNT INTO PRESIDENT TRUMP This Halloween, the House of Representatives will vote on a flawed Democrat resolution seeking to formalize the Democrats’ current witch hunt. The vote will be the first attempt at formalizing and establishing rules for […]

Nevada GOP Chairman Michael J. McDonald Statement on RNC Resolution Opposing Impeachment

LAS VEGAS – Nevada Republican Party Chairman Michael J. McDonald released the following statement on the RNC resolution opposing impeachment that passed unanimously today: “The Nevada Republican Party applauds the RNC Executive Committee for passing a resolution condemning this sham impeachment inquiry. While the House Democrats engage in the baseless impeachment witch hunt, Nevada stands firmly […]

Impeach THIS

LAS VEGAS – Nancy Pelosi finally gave into pressure and announced yesterday she would open an impeachment inquiry into President Donald J. Trump. Public polling has shown time and time again that only the radicalized base of the Democrat Party supports impeaching President Trump, but that wasn’t enough to stop Pelosi from driving her caucus […]

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