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Nevada GOP’s Statement on the dismissal of Trump Electors Election Contest

LAS VEGAS – If you are covering the Trump Electors Election Contest lawsuit please consider the following statement from the Nevada Republican Party in response to the Judge's order to dismiss the contest: "While we appreciate the court's consideration of evidence submitted, we…

NV Election Contest Expert Report

Today in the Election Contest hearing in Carson City NV, a lot was said about our data and our data expert report. Since we believe in transparency and open information, we are releasing this report to the public so people can decide for themselves and judge…

Nevada GOP Chairman Michael J. McDonald’s Statement on the Court Ordered Inspection of Voting Machines

Chairman Michael J. McDonald's response to the ordered inspection of voting machines in connection to the upcoming election contest on December 3rd in Carson City, NV: “The judge’s order allowed for an inspection. What we got was a guided tour. Machines were not…

Nevada Republican Party and Trump Campaign update on the General Election

LAS VEGAS – The following is an update from the Nevada Republican Party and the Trump Campaign on the General Election. The Nevada Republican Party has received thousands of complaints regarding issues that arose with the General Election in Nevada. As the results of the…

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