3/29/21 Legislative Update


Bills to Watch & Take Action On Below:

Democrats introduced radical bills that would forever change the landscape of Nevada. Although we may be in the minority in the Senate and Assembly, we can still fight to stop these bills from seeing the light of day. We, as concerned Nevada voters, must remain vigilant in calling, emailing, and testifying on the committee hearings to show the Democrat legislators that although they have locked us out of the People’s House we are not going to just go away.

There has been indication that the building may open up as soon as May 1st. However, this is still unacceptable as it only gives Nevadans one month to speak to legislators face to face and voice our concerns about what has taken place this Legislative Session. DO NOT let Democrats steal your voice! Let the Democrat Leadership know that Nevadans want the Legislature to open NOW!

In other news, SJR8, the radical equal rights resolution that did anything but champion the rights of women in this state was passed on the Assembly floor this week. Speaker Frierson provided only one hour of notice to our Republican elected officials, many of whom were expecting a committee hearing to ask questions on the resolution to make a well-educated vote when the time came. Now it is up to voters on the 2022 ballot to stop this malicious attack on women’s rights.

The Good

Bills introduced this week:

AB 373 – Authorizing a board of county commissioners to issue certain emergency orders relating to public health that impose requirements and restrictions
which are less stringent than those imposed by certain emergency
orders or regulations made by the Governor; requiring a state of
emergency or declaration of disaster proclaimed by the Governor to
terminate after 15 days if the Governor exercises his or her emergency
powers in a manner that imposes a requirement on or otherwise restricts
the operation of a business in this State unless the Legislature expressly
approves a continuance of the emergency or disaster.

Bills that had a hearing last week:

AB 234/285/293 – These identical bills introduced by our Republican Assembly members looked to revive an exception to authorize certain organizations to operate a charitable lottery without registering with the Chair of the Nevada Gaming Control Board. We need any one of these bills to receive a working session so that our clubs and organizations can once again have charitable lotteries.

The Bad

AB 213 – Prohibiting the Board of Regents of the University of Nevada from fixing a tuition charge against certain students; providing that a student does not have to certify his or her citizenship or immigration status or complete theFree Application for Federal Student Aid to receive certain scholarships or grants; prohibiting certain college tuition and savings programs from excluding persons based solely on the citizenship or immigration status of the person or his or her family

This bill would give Nevada scholarships for college to illegal aliens by removing the requirement of citizens or legal immigrants such as the Millennial Scholarship. To its core, this bill removes all advantages for college students who are citizens and or legal immigrants.

AB 432 – This bill expands agencies that are allowed to do automatic voter registration:
– Department of Motor Vehicles
– Department of Health and Human Services
– Agencies designated by the Department of Health and Human Services and Health Services to receive applications for Medicaid
– Silver State Health Insurance Exchange
– Any other tribal agency that meets certain requirements and is approved by the Governor to act as an automatic voter registration agency

Section 6 of this bill prohibits a county clerk from rejecting an application to register to vote if the information received from an automatic voter registration agency does not contain an electronic facsimile of the person’s signature and sets forth certain procedures for obtaining the person’s signature. –  Meaning you must still allow a registration to be processed even if no signature is provided. This is very concerning and allows for “fake voters” to register and potentially cast a ballot.

We all know there are numerous issues with automatic voter registration from the DMV. Now, legislators want to expand automatic VR to other agencies.

The Ugly

SB 190 – Authorizes pharmacists to dispense self-administered hormonal contraceptives to any patient. This bill allows for men/women of any age (including minors) to receive hormonal contraceptives without parental notification. This bill does not require a doctor’s note to receive hormonal contraceptives, these contraceptives often contain ingredients that can have harmful side effects. Hormonal contraceptives are not a one size fits all, they NEED a doctor’s note in order to pick the correct contraceptive.

Nowhere in this bill does it discuss parental notification for minors trying to receive contraceptives. If a minor needs an Advil at school I get a call asking my permission. Yet, to receive these hormonal contraceptives I do not. This is not right. Parental consent should be mandatory. In addition, this bill allows for a potentially target-rich environment for sexual predators to hide the harmful abuse they are doing to our children.

SB 218 – Various changes to property rights. This is another bill that cuts away at traditional property rights involving landlords and tenants. It proposes a slew of new regulations upon landlords (e.g., prohibition from charging rental-application fees in Section 6). Compassion for those who’ve had their lives undone by COVID is crucial, but continuing to erode traditional property rights — a cornerstone of free-market capitalism and a fundamental principle of Americanism — is hardly the correct approach (from NPRI).

Charging a fee for a rental application is necessary in order to cover tenant screening, which can include a credit check to ensure a potential tenant has shown responsibility for on-time payments, and or a background check to ensure the safety of the property and other tenants on the property. If a landlord can not charge up front for these fees then ultimately it will be added to the cost of the rent.

Coming up:

SB 300 Sanctuary State Bill: This bill was scheduled for a committee hearing today, however with over 100 opinions in opposition and only 1 in favor, Democrats have moved it off the schedule! Read more here.

AB 321 Frierson’s Universal Mail Voting & Ballot Harvesting: Being heard in committee this Thursday! We will send out more information on this ugly bill asap.

AB255 Appointed School Board Members: Being heard in committee this Tuesday! We will send out more information on this ugly bill asap. Read more here.

Thanks for all you do,

Alex Watson, Legislative Affairs Director, Nevada Republican Party



Speaker Jason Frierson:
Office: (775) 684-8537

Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro:
Office: (775) 684-1475

You can follow the chambers floor sessions via the Youtube links below:

Assembly Floor Session: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3f37c7v7co

Senate Floor Session: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3jGH0WN9LE

To view a daily schedule of events and watch meetings live, visit https://www.leg.state.nv.us/App/Calendar/A/


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