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Join the Election Day Operation ARMY FOR TRUMP!

In these uncertain times, one thing remains clear – the security and integrity of our elections are paramount to our way of life!  Volunteering for President Trump and the Republican Party during early voting, on election day, or during ballot counting is a…


Despite a national media blitz spinning the contrary, Governor Sisolak has no plan for how and when he plans to reopen Nevada. Sisolak’s stay at home order runs through Thursday, yet financially stressed Nevadans that have sacrificed for weeks to protect the state’s…

Nevada GOP Files Motion along with the Republican National Committee to Defend the State in Democrats’ Lawsuit

The Nevada Republican Party announced today it filed a motion along with the Republican National Committee to intervene in a lawsuit from the Democratic National Committee, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Nevada Democratic Party, and Priorities USA that seeks to eliminate ballot integrity provisions…

Republicans Lead on Developing a Plan to Reopen Nevada

With Governor Sisolak missing in action, Nevada Republicans are leading the way on coming up with a plan for how to reopen Nevada. Yesterday, the Assembly Republicans released their framework for how we can get people safely back to work while safeguarding the…


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Nevada Republican Party


Nevada GOP Chairman Michael J. McDonald Statement on Kamala Harris’ Las Vegas Visit
Nevada GOP Chairman Michael J. McDonald Statement on Kamala Harris’…


Nevada Republican Party

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