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The Results Are In, Schiff Flopped

This Week, The Only Quid Pro Quo Was Democrats Trading Electoral Support For A Sham Schiff Show That Flopped Immensely With Voters Across The U.S. The Facts: THE SHAM IMPEACHMENT HEARINGS HAVE ENORMOUSLY BACKFIRED WITH SUPPORT DROPPING LIKE A STONE AMONG INDEPENDENTS AND…

Nevada GOP Chairman Michael J. McDonald’s Statement on Democratic Debate

LAS VEGAS – Nevada Republican Party Chairman Michael J. McDonald released the following statement regarding tonight’s Democratic primary debate: “There is no question about it – a candidate with a socialist agenda is going to win the Nevada Democratic Party’s caucus in less…

What You Need To Know About Today’s Impeachment Inquiry

From Keith Schipper: Today, Congressional Democrats continue to pursue their partisan witch hunt against President Trump. But today’s witnesses will only confirm what we already know – there was nothing improper in the July 25th phone call (read the transcript!), President Trump was legitimately concerned with…

Trump Victory Statement as 2020 Democrats Campaign in Nevada Today

Good morning— As you cover Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, and Julian Castro’s campaign stops in Nevada today, please consider the following from me: “Over the last 24 hours, the 2020 Democrats have made it crystal clear they are determined to pass an agenda…


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Nevada Republican Party


Nevada GOP Chairman Michael J. McDonald Statement on Kamala Harris’ Las Vegas Visit
Nevada GOP Chairman Michael J. McDonald Statement on Kamala Harris’…


Nevada Republican Party

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